How to view system uptime on IBM Storwize

I have a few IBM Storwize V3700, V5000 and V7000 storages. Few days ago I had to check system uptime on one of the storages. Unfortunately, you can’t do that directly. There’s no command (like uptime on Linux) nor GUI shows it. But there’s a workaronud.

  1. Login to Web GUI
  2. Choose System > Support
  3. Click Download Support Package
  4. Wait a few minutes for package to be generated
  5. Download last /dumps/snap.<some-numbers>.tgz

Now open the archive and navigate to /dumps/syslog folder. Open mcelog.<some-numbers>-1 and mcelog.<some-numbers>-2 files. You will see date and time of node booting. Files 1 and 2 are for left and right node. It’s still not the real uptime, but you can easily calculate it.

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